Academic Success

At Union League Boys & Girls Clubs, we understand that education is a major determinant of one’s future success. We take a multifaceted approach to academic success, helping our youth build their skills in the classroom and beyond.

The ability, or lack thereof, to complete daily homework can have major consequences to a student’s academic trajectory. Power Hour, sponsored by Ross Dress for Less, ensures each of our members spends a portion of his or her Club day completing homework. This program, led by both trained, dedicated staff and volunteers, offers daily homework help and tutoring, with the goal for our youth to become independent and self-directed learners.

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Benefitting from dedicated science labs at both Club One and the Barreto Club, our members have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of a wide range of topics through a series of hands-on experiments. Major topics include the science behind sound and music, good nutrition, environmental stewardship, and using forensic techniques to uncover a medical mystery.

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At Union League Boys & Girls Clubs, we are dedicated to giving our youth a voice, with our art program being one of many ways our members can express themselves and develop their creativity. Be it through painting, drawing, photography, and everything in between, our members have the chance to explore the new frontiers of their creativity.

Union League Boys & Girls Club - Academic Success Programs - Arts Program

IT Entrepreneurship is designed to introduce Club members to the concepts of hardware technology and how to repair electronic communications devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. While gaining these skills, youth will also learn the soft skills and entrepreneurship concepts needed to effectively establish and manage a business. During the program, youth complete a capstone experience with trips to the Museum of Science & Industry, MicroCenter, and Google to see the opportunities available to them in the tech and entrepreneurship fields.

Union League Boys & Girls Club - Academic Success Programs - IT Entrepreneurship

The SeaPerch program takes youth interested in STEM related fields and provides an outlet through which to channel this passion. SeaPerch engages youth in building an underwater remotely-operated vehicle (ROV), which our youth build as a team and then enter into local and regional competitions. SeaPerch builds youths’ knowledge of STEM skills, technical applications, and strengthens teamwork and leadership among Club members.