Our Programs

The Union League Boys & Girls Clubs offers a wide variety of programs at our sites. Our programs fall into three core program areas:

1. Academic Success, 2. Good Character and Citizenship and 3. Healthy Lifestyles

Featured Programs

Homework Help & Tutoring

The Union League Boys & Girls Clubs offer daily after-school homework help and tutoring to all Club members. The program, led by both staff and volunteers, helps youth succeed in the classroom and encourages them to become independent learners. Power Hour, a homework initiative funded by Ross Stores, ensures that each youth who visits a Club spends a portion of his or her Club day completing homework.

Academic Enrichment: Science Club

Benefitting from dedicated science labs at our Club One and Barreto Boys & Girls Clubs, middle-school aged youth gain a better understanding of a wide range of topics through a series of hands-on experiments. Topics include the science behind sound and music, good nutrition, environmental stewardship and utilizing forensic techniques to uncover a medical mystery.

Academic Enrichment: Khan Academy

On school day afternoons, our Barreto Club staff provides middle-school aged club members with math instruction programs of the Khan Academy. Utilizing practice exercises, instructional videos and personalized learning dashboards, young learners are empowered to study at their own pace and without fear of being made fun of because they don’t know the right answers. Student progress is tracked and learning gaps are identified and addressed.

Academic Enrichment: Access to Technology

All of our Boys & Girls Clubs are equipped with a dedicated computer lab Our Clubs are resources to aid youth in completing school projects even though they don’t have access to technology at home. Our computer labs also provide Club members with access to STEM programming, robotics, Google coding programming and the UPS Road Code driving simulation program

Focus on the Future

Programs such as Career Launch and Diplomas to Degrees prepare youth to graduate from high school with a plan for their future. Staff and volunteers guide youth on journeys to explore their interests and identify career paths. They assist our members to link their future aspirations with concrete actions they can take today to prepare to reach their goals.



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