Comcast & Spectra Supporting Club Youth

Since the outbreak of the pandemic and the substantial reliance upon online learning, it has become more important than ever for our youth to have regular access to dependable technological equipment and the internet. At Union League Boys & Girls Clubs, academic success is one of our core pillars, which means much of our current focus is on supporting our Club youths’ e-learning experience and online school work.

When we reopened our Clubs, we provided our members with a safe place with technology and stable WiFi. This has been very significant in ensuring we are fulfilling our mission and continuing to serve our communities’ greatest needs. However, we know that our members’ education continues outside of our Clubs, and that is important that they have access to technology and the internet at home as well. This is where our supporters and community partners come into play!

35 Club members (7 from each of our communities ranging in age from 7-18 and selected based upon their continued excellence at our Clubs and their need) will be receiving Dell laptops and 6 months of free internet access, all thanks to the generous support of Comcast and Spectra. Yesterday 5 of those members received their new computers, with the other 30 to be presented soon. It was truly a wonderful experience to see our youths’ faces light up.

“We look forward to more continued future collaborations with ULBGC”

– CaroLyn Swait, Director of Sales & Marketing at Spectra