Our Leadership

The Union League Boys & Girls Clubs provide a safe place for Chicago youth ages 6 to 18 to reach their full potential and guidance to graduate high school on time with a plan for the future.

During my youth, I had the privilege to personally experience the positive impact of the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs

I recall my first day walking into Club One in Pilsen in September of 1960. Even then, Pilsen was a tough neighborhood for kids to navigate. The Club provided a place to study, meet new friends, participate in athletics, and even enjoy new experiences.

Our Club Director, Emil Syngel, and all the counselors quickly became like family and offered strong guidance, discipline, leadership, and support. We knew our mentors cared about us and they helped lay the foundation for the rest of our lives.

I remember how it felt to go away for the first time to our Summer Camp in Salem, Wisconsin. It meant being away from home and a chance to learn new skills like how to canoe, sing campfire songs, and meet kids from other Clubs. I felt so grown up and independent.

The Club also gave me the opportunity to meet Chicago legends like Mike Ditka, Dick Butkus, and Ernie Banks while attending events at the Union League Club. Interacting with these star athletes and other successful adults inspired me. I knew I wanted to study hard and grow up to be as successful as the Union League Club members.

Club One also gave me my first job, where I eagerly worked part-time from 1972-1976 learning about responsibility and planting the seed of becoming a part of helping other kids build great futures.

I continued to work hard and became a successful professional who also became an active member of the Union League Club. One of my driving goals throughout my entire life has been to help the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs grow, build, and ultimately change more lives.

I invite you to get involved in supporting, mentoring, and engaging Union League Boys & Girls Club youth. Join our 100-year tradition of helping youth who need us the most to reach their full potential and build a great future.

Craig A. Labus
President of Board of Trustees, Union League Boys & Girls Clubs
Union League Boys & Girls Clubs Member, 1960-1972

Dear Friends of the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs

This past year, our organization achieved so much – including celebrating 100 years of working with the underserved youth in Chicago and helping to shape their futures. Because of the tireless work we all put into having a lasting effect on our members’ lives, we are growing and achieving so much.

We strive to create an environment where our youth can focus on our core values – good character and citizenship, academic success, and healthy lifestyles. Having a safe place to go after school and consistently work on these goals is how we impact the lives of our members and set them up for a better future. Our youth participate in programs such as homework help, college exploration, science, sports, nutrition, and serving others through community service. We continue to develop specialized programming that introduces our youth to future career paths and encourage them to work hard and plan for their futures.

We encourage you to learn more about the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs. Come to Camp Day, take a club tour, or attend one of our events, such as the Wine Dinner or Associate Board Holiday Party.

Join us and become a part of the Union League Boys and Girls Clubs. Become a trustee or Associate Board member, support our Englewood campaign, or become a programming partner.

Help us celebrate our 100th Anniversary by increasing your monthly draw, make an honorary donation, or buy a 100th Anniversary pin.

Thank you for all you do and I look forward to a wonderful year ahead!


Mary Ann Mahon Huels
President & CEO

2018 Officers

Mr. Craig A. Labus

Ms. Cynthia L. Doloughty
1st Vice President

Mr. Thomas E. Payne
2nd Vice President

Mr. Timothy J. Cunningham

Mr. Michael R. Ward
Assistant Treasurer

Ms. Stacy L. Fleming

Ms. Lisa Shade
Assistant Secretary

Mr. Stephen J. Schlegel
General Counsel

Ms. Mary Ann Mahon Huels
President & CEO

2018 Trustees

Mr. Guy F. Arvia
Mr. Ronald P. Bernardi
Mr. Thomas C. Borders
Mr. Charles Brummell
Mr. Carmen D. Caruso
Mr. Jeffrey O. Chen
Mrs. Victoria G. Cheng
Mr. Michael M. Chioros
Mr. F. Michael Covey III
Mr. Timothy J. Cunningham
Mr. Thomas G. DiCianni
Mr. Richard D. Doermer
Ms. Cynthia L. Doloughty
Mr. John L. Donnelly
Mr. Matthew R. Farrell
Ms. Stacy L. Fleming
Mr. Richard M. Gatto
Mr. James J. Gatziolis
Mr. Stephen H. Goulding
Mr. Terry R. Hendrickson
Mr. Patrick J. Herbert
Ms. Marsha Hoover
Mr. Loren D. Jahn
Ms. Margaret Jahn
Mr. Andrew B. Jones
Mr. Robert M. Karton
Mr. Michael J. Koenigsknecht
Mr. Craig A. Labus
Mr. John F. Lemker
Mr. Cosmin Lucaci
Mr. Jerry Manne

Ms. Kathleen E. Manning
Mr. George G. Maragos
Mr. Guy N. Maras
Ms. Martha Jahn Martin
Mr. Marco Martino
Mr. James P. Meyer
Mr. Richard E. Moore
Mr. Frank R. Niederman
Mr. Kenneth E. Nordine
Mr. Jeffrey L. Olin
Mr. Thomas E. Payne
Mr. Kerry R. Peck
Mr. James B. Planey
Mr. Timo Rehbock
Mrs. Lynne Thomsen Rinkoski
Ms. Nancy A. Ross
Mr. Jeffrey A. Sacks
Mr. Stephen J. Schlegel
Mr. David M. Shade
Ms. Lisa Shade
Mr. Paul W. Shade
Mr. Matthew J Sheahin
Mr. Jonathan F. Siedlecki
Dr. Jean-Paul Spire
Mr. Michael L. Sullivan
Mr. Michael P. Sullivan Jr.
Mr. William E. Tienken
Ms. Lauren E. Urban
Ms. Amy Waldren
Mr. Fred K. Walz
Mr. Michael R. Ward

Life Trustees

Mr. Edward Bernardi
Mr. Richard S. Bull
Mr. John W. C. Carlson
Mr. Frederick C. Ford
Ms. Laura J. Hagen
Mr. Howard Hush
Mr. Matthew J. Iverson
Mr. Brian M. Jack
Mr. John L. Kirkland
Mr. Neal Kottke
Mr. Gregory G. Laka
Mr. William J. McGrath
Mr. Robert W. Patterson
Mr. Harry G. Robertson
Mr. John E. Scully Jr.
Mr. William C. Vonder Heide
Mr. David B. Whitehurst