Union League Boys & Girls Clubs Board President Awarded Prestigious National Silver Medallion

Nancy Ross, Board President of the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs, has been awarded a National Silver Medallion from the Boys & Girls Clubs of America for her outstanding service helping Chicago’s most vulnerable youth reach their full potential.

Under Nancy’s leadership, the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs has opened three new clubs this fall, which serve 500 more youth in Chicago’s Englewood community. Union League BGC Englewood Community Director of Clubs Development Antonio Artis praised Ross’ tireless, selfless work that will “change the lives of many young African-American children in the Englewood community.”

Parents, students, teachers, community members, Union League Club members and supporters celebrated the October 17th Wentworth Elementary School Club ribbon cutting with WGN-TV’s Micah Materre and the November 13th ribbon cutting with CBS-TV’s Derrick Young at Team Englewood High School Club. The last opening of the expansion will be hosted on November 30th for the Lillian R. Nicholson STEM Academy. These expansions would not be possible without Nancy’s efforts and those of the Union League BGC Board Trustees and dedicated professional youth development staff and the support of Union League Club members.

“Nancy’s courage and unwavering commitment to take a chance on kids who are thought to be living in one of the most underserved communities of our country is very special, heartwarming and loving,” Artis said. “She has helped to bring hope to children who may have been afraid to dream of greater possibilities for themselves. It has been a great pleasure to work alongside such a tremendous humanitarian.”

Mary Ann Mahon Huels, Union League BGC President & CEO said, “Nancy is a true leader and a role model for all Boys & Girls Clubs. She is a hands-on leader spending countless hours with our youth, staff, board and donors. She has set us on a strategic course to reach new heights, helping more than 14,000 at-risk youth build better futures during her tenure. I couldn’t be more proud to call her our board chairwoman and friend. ” According to Mary Ann watching the Englewood Expansions become a reality have been a dream come true. She has been with the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs for the past 17 years and this expansion has been a career highlight.

Nancy, who was named Board President in 2016, received the award recently at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s regional leadership conference in Pittsburgh. She said, “I am extremely humbled by the award and share it wholeheartedly with the entire leadership team especially with our board and staff.” She mentioned the prized medallion will be displayed with extreme pride. She will also wear the award’s lapel pin very close to her heart.